Media skills and business writing: the essentials

Informative, snappy and fun videos with Alison O'Leary and David Tebbutt

Media skills full video  Business writing full video

Soup to nuts in around 20 minutes, or pick and choose from the mini-videos.

How to handle the media

    The full set (described below) 19m 49s

       Introduction and how to handle the media 2m 53s

       Overview of tricks of the trade 1m 40s

       More detail on tricks of the trade 2m 35s (Sorry for bijou gaffette halfway through)

       The unexpected call 2m 7s

       Don't drop your guard 3m 0s

       Journalistic behaviour 3m 18s

       Attitudes to techies, bosses and sales3m 3s

       Attitudes to marketing and PR 3m 25s


Business writing skills

    The full set (described below) 23m 37s

       Introduction and business writing skills 3m 47s

       Why is it important? Top tips. 2m 22s

       Can just anyone write? Your approach to the reader. 5m 15s

       How to grab and keep interest 2m 36s

       Main slip ups 2m 57s

       Other common slip ups 4m 6s

       How to start writing 2m 25s

       The final polish 2m 21s