Managing successful personal interactions - the prelude

To discover your 'personality' profile, try not to think too hard about the answers to the questions below.
You don't always have to like or dislike the answers just choose the ones that you like most or least.
Go with your instincts. This is not a test. There are no right answers.

This is your first step to understanding and managing successful interactions.

I can help you understand the mechanics that lie behind your results and show you how you can use this knowledge (and other behavioural insights) to successfully manage interactions of all kinds.


The questionnaire

This is for anyone whose device doesn't display the xlsx and Google Sheets versions properly

Each of the 20 questions has five possible answers. In each set choose the answer that you most agree with and the one you least agree with. Note question number, most, least in this form: 1ac, 2be, etc. (Commas and spaces are optional - a list is fine.) Please email it to and I'll send back your profile with explanations of what it all means.

Here goes:

1 As a hobby, I would prefer to take up:
a none- waste of time
b caring for animals
c acting in a play
d something my partner approves of
e playing on the computer

2 My ideal career would be:
a doctor or nurse
b teacher or teaching assistant
c accountant or lawyer
d actor or artist
e policeman or detective

3 Activities I would like are:
a sports
b sporting referee
c helping friends
d playing chess
e doing first aid

4 Part time work I would enjoy is:
a data entry or analysis
b I wouldn't be good at anything
c children's entertainer
d nightclub bouncer/ in charge
e child care

5 Smoking marijuana is:
a a danger to my health
b wrong
c naughty but fun
d a scary thing to do
e a way of escaping from reality

6 People like me because I:
a am well informed
b am bossy
c am co-operative and helpful
d look after them
e can express my feelings

7 When family or friends are upset I:
a try to work out what they want
b do what I can to comfort them
c tell them what to do
d try to hear how they really feel
e keep calm and be logical

8 When my partner moans at me I:
a realise it's tough for them too
b get angry back
c feel upset
d listen to their point of view
e point out they aren't perfect.

9 When someone is doing something wrong I:
a point out where they are wrong
b tell them how I feel about it
c try to help them deal with it
d go along with it
e see if they can see alternatives

10 Successful people are:
a all bastards
b good thinkers, bright
c having fun
d know right from wrong
e care deeply about others

11 If you won £100,000 in the lottery you would:
a realise you mustn't waste it
b have one hell of a holiday
c give some to friends or family
d go bonkers
e consider investing some of it

12 To get the most of life it is best to:
a know what you should/shouldn't do
b care for other people
c plan carefully
d be liked by others
e be able to express your feelings

13 I like people who:
a are caring
b have a sense of right and wrong
c are interesting to talk to
d laugh a lot
e are well balanced

14 A hero figure for me would be:
a a master criminal
b a famous doctor
c a brilliant police officer
d a top scientist
e an amazing athlete

15 When shopping for a present I try to get:
a something helpful or useful
b something for fun
c something that will make me liked
d something that's good value
e something that will improve them

16 My ideal partner would be:
a kind and considerate
b sensible and reliable
c co-operative and helpful
d fun
e aware of what's right and wrong

17 If I had to look after a 5 year old for the day I'd:
a get down on the floor and play
b watch them carefully to keep them safe
c wind them up and annoy them
d make sure they didn't break anything
e find them interesting things to do

18 If someone accidentally spilled beer on me I'd:
a be annoyed, but see the funny side
b reassure them, help them clean it up
c get angry and splash them back
d work out what happened
e tell them to watch where they are going

19 Others would say I was:
a well informed, organised
b able to express feelings
c able to express my authority
d helpful, kind
e rebellious, argumentative

20 I see myself as:
a afraid of making mistakes
b humorous, spontaneous
c interested in learning
d critical of others, sets high standards
e caring and considerate